Our Process


Any vacuum cleaner that comes into our hands goes through our testing and product satisfaction process. This ensures the vacuum cleaner is safe and useable for the end user whether the vacuum is going back to the owner or is being sold on as reconditioned.

When a vacuum cleaner comes to AshVacs We;

1) Check the overall condition of the vacuum casing.

2) Start the vacuum up to check for suction and motor issues.

3) Replace any broken or damaged parts.

4) Strip the vacuum cleaner down deep cleaning all the parts.

5) Change the bag/filters/belt (if need be).

6) Bench test the vacuum cleaner for a minimum of 30 minutes.

7) Final clean up and polishing.

8) Vacuum cleaner is then wrapped up and sealed.

9) The vacuum is either returned to the owner or sold on our eBay site.

In the sad event that we cant repair or the vacuum costs far more than its worth to be repaired we strip the vacuum cleaner of all good parts so they can be used for other vacuums we receive.

 Our Price List (2013/2014)

Refurbished Vacuum Cleaner Prices 


DC01                                   £25.00 + P&P

DC02                                   £22.50 + P&P

DC03                                   £35.00 + P&P

DC04                                   £45.00 + P&P

DC05                                   £39.95 + P&P

DC07                                   £55.00 + P&P

DC08                                   £49.95 + P&P

DC14                                   £75.00 + P&P

DC33                                 £125.00 + P&P

Limited Addition Models Vary. Postage & Packing £12 each additional vacuum £6.00 extra.

 AshVacs deals with many different types of vacuums. We have listed most of our dysons above because they are our most popular sellers. If you require a price or to purchase another model of vacuum not specified on here please contact us and let us know.

Vacuum Cleaner Servicing/Guarentee

General Overhaul All Vacuums                      £15.00

General Overhaul & Part Replace         Star at    £17.50

Vacuum Deep Clean Up                                £25.00

12 Month Guarentee                                     £9.99

36 Month Guarentee                                    £18.95

Five Year Guarentee                                  £44.95

Vacuum Cleaner General Service         £15.00

Vacuum Cleaner Silver Service           £24.95

Vacuum Cleaner GOLD Service        £39.99

Any questions regarding our servicing and guarentee please contact us.

Got an old vacuum cleaner? Maybe want to exchange for a newer model? We will BUY Your OLD one! 

Prices go based on condition £bad - £excellent.

Dyson DC01-3        £5 - £15  or £20 off another vacuum!

Dyson DC04-14    £10-£35  or £45 off another vacuum!

All Hoover Juniors   £5-£15  or £15 off another vacuum!

All Hoover Seniors  £7-£17 or £17 off another vacuum!

Sebo X1.1               £10-£50 or £35 off another vacuum!

Sebo X4                £19-£65  or £50 off another vacuum!


This is only a small amount of vacuums we buy. If you have one we havent mentioned please feel free to contact us and we will sort you with a price!


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